I say "my dolls" because these unique dolls were handmade in a "one woman shop" from the first cut of the fabric to the finished creation. The hand-drawn patterns I used were of my own design derived from a number of books, sources and formulas to keep the body proportions correct, but each was created using the traditional Waldorf-style techniques practiced by all Waldorf dollmakers.  

My dolls have some unique features not always found in other dolls of this type.  Each doll is weighted.  For the smaller dolls, it gives them substantiality or "heft" so they don't feel like they're floating away.  For the larger baby dolls, it gives them a more realistic weight and feel.  It feels like you're holding a real baby!  The arms and legs are jointed using a century-old, "button joint" technique, similar to the joints found on high-quality, old-fashioned teddy bears.  Also, I add some anatomical details.  For example, all my dolls have noses and the sweet BJ babies have a cute, little "bottom" and belly button.  The hair is created from realistic-looking mohair and bangs (or "fringe") have been added at the forehead to soften the hairline.

Finally, I have never hired other people to make my doll bodies or any other handmade item on the website, which has its advantages and disadvantages for you, the consumer.  The greatest advantage is the detail and attention I give to each project!  The disadvantage is that I'm limited on the number of handcrafted items I can produce at one time.  Regretfully, it is because of the time limitations created by our growing business and family responsibilities that I have ceased accepting orders for custom dolls at this time.  I hope our customers, many of which are WAHM's (Work At Home Moms) like myself, will understand.

I enjoy talking dolls with other interested crafters.  If you have any questions about my Waldorf-style dolls or about dollmaking in general, please send me an e-mail and I will respond as quickly as I can.  Regarding custom dolls, we request that you please do not write and ask us to make an exception.  For the sake of our family and responsibility to our other customers, we will regretfully decline. -- Thank you!

About My Waldorf Dolls
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16" Sweet BJ Baby Girl with short, curly hairstyle
Sweet BJ Baby Boy
"My Very Own" Pocket Doll with waist length multi-style wig
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Oriental Doll sitting in a tree
Pocket Doll with Golden Hair
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Basket of BJ Babies
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Has all this talk about dollmaking inspired you to try making one for yourself?  
If so, please click on the link below to view my directions for creating a Waldorf-style, button jointed baby doll.  I do not sell a pattern, but the detailed instructions & photos should be helpful: