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On this page you'll find pictures and comments sent in by friends, customers and Kathryn herself showing off Waldorf-inspired crafts, dollmaking or other crafty & culinary pursuits!  If you'd like to have a picture of your child playing, a doll or toy that you've made displayed, please send a digital photo by e-mail with an explanation or a real photograph by post which can be scanned to The Silver Penny.  Also, please feel free to share any ideas in our Guest Book located under the pictures and comments.  This is your page.  Enjoy!  
Hannah was handmade by Onaya
This doll is named "Kia" after Onaya's niece.
This doll is "Kia," who is named after my niece.
Onaya says, "I made a few dolls a couple of years ago, and they were really weird looking.  Then I made the doll with the velour body (Hannah) and was so impressed with how she came out! 
I've just been loving making them.  I have some lavender and buck wheat hulls coming to play around with for stuffing.  I think the lavender scent will make a nice bed time lovey.... I do enjoy planning; I feel like an elf!"
Quinn and his doll named Baby
Denise says, "This doll has aptly been named Baby by it's daddy, Quinn.  I loved making him and loved the looks on my son's face as the doll evolved from head to form and finally, "Baby."  Dollmaking and all of it's aspects are truly a joy for me."

Jenni's Handcrafted Doll
Click to see a larger image.
Jenni says, "After falling in love with your site I decided to try making a waldorf doll after seeing your wonderful page on making the head. I've been sewing and selling cloth dolls for years and embroidering the face was always the part I dreaded most. I made the most beautiful doll and decided to change the design I offered entirely. You've saved me SO much work and it's a joy to sew them again!"

You can visit Jenni's website:www.bellebottoms.com
Francine in Felt by Jane Eubanks
Click to see a larger image.
Jane says:  "A couple of years ago I got the idea to make felt dolls inspired by the Lenci dolls of the 1930's.  Using roving, I made my own felt, and then designed a doll body and sculpted a face form in my pottery class...Francine is 2 feet tall, and yes, she is wearing children's shoes!!"
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Heaven Sent bib-front view
Heaven Sent bib-back view
Click either to see a larger image.
I wanted to share this idea for making 
a personalized baby's bib.  

I gave it to my great niece as a christening gift.  It has a slightly "religious" theme, but is also a practical gift that will be used for many years.  The basic directions for creating a bib from a fingertip towel can be found on the website listed below, the only difference is that I backed mine with a lining fabric to hide the back-side stitches of the embroidery and then did a quilt-type binding around the edges.  I created the embroidery using shapes found in the customizing software that I purchased for use with my computerized sewing machine, but of course it could be hand embroidered, as well.  The angel wings on the back were purchased at a craft store and really make the bib adorable!

Just a Heatbeat at my Feet wallhanging
Kathy's Sewing Room
Kathryn's Room
What is Kathryn up to these days?  
Below are some independent projects and creative pursuits that she is working on  
(in her spare time):
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I have discovered art quilts! 

I am not a quilter, in the traditional sense.  But art quilting is a multi-media fiber craft that incorporates an endless variety of techniques, such as needle felting, sewing, painting & dying fabric, using recycled materials in fiber art, texturing and manipulating fabrics for use in your final project -- really just about anything goes.  I'm having such a fun time playing with these varied techniques!  At left is a recent wallhanging I created to celebrate my wonderful pet.  The quote is from a poem by Edith Wharton.  A good resource for learning more about multi-media fiber art is Quilting Arts magazine.  Their website has lots of useful information, project ideas and more:

Kathryn's Healthy Cooking Blog

When I'm not in my sewing room, it's a good bet that I'm probably in the kitchen.  Cooking is one of my greatest joys!  Over the years, I've created many recipes that are out-of-this-world delicious, but with a twist (they're good for you too).  Visit my kitchen blog to try a variety of wholesome, low carb, low sugar dishes that you and your family will love!

Customers share their projects:
Child sitting with homemade doll
Don't Worry Dolls made by Jane Carlstrom
Click to see a larger image.
Jane C. says: "Your little dolls really brighten my day."  Note: These dolls were made using our FREE Don't Worry Dolls sewing pattern.  

To download this free pattern, please visit our pattern store on craftsy.com: