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All About Dolls
We offer a wide selection of Waldorf inspired dollhouse dolls, accessories, tiny fairy dolls and dollhouses.  Also, if you want to make your own, we have dollmaking sewing patterns, too.  Please choose from the selection below to view the items in each category.
All natural doll made in the German tradition.
Kathe Kruse Dolls:    All-natural dollhouse dolls 
                                       created in the Waldorf tradition by the  
                                       Kathe Kruse Company of Germany.
Kathe Kruse Dollhouse Dolls
Tiny Fairy Dolls and their essentials
Fairy Dolls:  Tiny, but so beautiful!  Also on this page you'll find 
                        fairy-sized accessories! 
Dollmaking Supplies
Dollmaking Supplies, Tools & Kits
Fairy Dollhouse Kits
Fairy Dollhouse Kits & Sewing Patterns
Dollhouses and furniture
Dollhouses and Furniture
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