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Felt Colors
On this page you can see our exclusive rainbow of beautiful wool felt available in three different assortment packages.  There is a wool blend consisting of a 35/65 blend of wool and rayon.  It is not too thick or stiff, which makes it perfect for dollmaking.  Also, we offer two 100% wool assortments in fourteen different colors.  All of our assortments are offered at saving prices!
Color Chart for Wool Felt Assortment Packs
Wool Felt 
Assortment Pack
A wool/rayon blend

30 Colors!
9" x 12" sheets,
one of each color.


Wool Blend versus 100% Wool Felt

I am often asked, which is better: 100% wool felt or a blend?  The answer, honestly, is a matter of preference.  It depends for what purpose you'll be using it. 

Our Wool/Rayon Blend:  It is soft to the touch, but not flimsy like the polyester felt found in craft stores today.  The high wool content makes it extremely durable, but the rayon gives it flexibility, making it easy to hand or machine sew.  No special needles or extra sewing effort are required, which is especially nice for anyone who has arthritis.  It accepts glue readily and doesn't melt when ironed.  I especially like using this felt for doll clothing because it has a better drape than the 100% wool felt.  The colors in this assortment are rich and vibrant, quite suitable for every crafting need.  

Click to see a larger image of felt colors with color descriptions.
(NOTE: We only sell our felt in the assortment packages shown here. 
 Individual colors are not available separately or sold by-the-yard.)
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Due to lagging sales of this item, we have made the difficult decision to not reorder this felt.  We're sorry if this decision causes any inconvenience.