Candyland Christmas Tree
The Candyland Christmas Tree
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Materials Needed:

Styrofoam cone (any size) or wreath

cardboard circle or plate for base

assorted candies: jellies, starlight peppermints, hard candy, mini marshmallows, jelly beans, ribbon candy, etc.

Star or other decorated cookie for top (our example shows a wreath)

Royal Icing (see recipe below)
Here is my daughter with her creation!
Recipe for Royal Icing (Makes 3 cups)

3 cups powdered, confectioner's sugar
2 TB. meringue powder (albumen powder), can be purchased in baking section
6-7 TB. warm water

The trick to perfect royal icing is to start with a spotlessly clean and grease-free mixing bowl and electric beaters.  Combine the sugar and meringue powder.  Add the water and beat until icing forms peaks (about 8-10 minutes with a heavy duty mixer, or 10-12 minutes with a handheld mixer).

The icing doesn't need to be refrigerated, but it sets up quickly so keep it covered with a damp cloth while it is being used or store it in an airtight container.  Rebeat at low speed before using again.

The icing can be tinted using food coloring.  I suggest that this be added in to replace some of the water and only add a drop at a time until desired color is reached.  On our tree, we kept it white, but green might be nice.

Directions for Assembling the Tree:

This is so easy and the results so spectacular, you're going to love it!  The Royal Icing is used like glue throughout the entire process.  It usually sets up within a minute, so assembly is quick and easy.  This project is excellent for young children.

1.)  Spread a generous tablespoonful of the Royal Icing in the middle of the cardboard circle or plate.  Place the styrofoam cone on the icing and allow to set for 10 minutes.  Test to make sure it is secure before continuing.

2.)  You may either spread the Royal Icing on the cone with a butter knife or spoon it into plastic baggies and snip off one lower corner to create a "pastry bag."  I used the pastry bag method, which is less messy.

3.)  Starting at the bottom and working in rows, spread a thick line of icing all around the bottom of the cone.  Press an assortment of candies and mini marshmallows into the icing and allow to set. 

4.)  Spread another thick line of icing all around the cone just above the line of candies you've just created.  Press more candies into this line of icing to create the second row.  Continue in the same fashion until you reach the top!

5.)  If you'd like to place a star or other decorated cookie near the top, be certain to glue it in place with the icing several rows BEFORE you fill in with candy.  When you reach the decorated cookie, fit the candies around it.

After your table decoration is no longer needed,
the candies and icing are edible! 

CAUTION:  Just make sure you or your child doesn't swallow any styrofoam that may be pulled off with the icing.  This could be a choking hazard!  Keep candy-covered decoration out of reach of pets and very young children to prevent sneaky snacking.  With that said: Enjoy!

This project may be printed for personal use only with permission from The Silver Penny. Copyright 2002, Kathryn Sheehan.  All other rights reserved.