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Reversible “Quilt-As-You-Go” Crib or Lap Quilt
I am a Project Linus blanketeer and wanted to share this easy-to-sew, reversible "quilt-as-you-go" design I created that is sewn in the same manner as the flannel strip quilt often used for Project Linus Blanket Days, but requires shorter fabric strips.  I came up with it because I had lots of leftovers from past quilts, but few of my remnant pieces were long enough to cut the required WOF strips for a traditional Project Linus strip quilt.  The finished quilt made with this design is about the same size as the other (approx. 34" x 42") and takes about the same amount of time.  I easily made one in a few hours for my niece's new baby.  To make a doll quilt, simply reduce the size of the fabric strips by half.

Materials: Cut the following strips from flannel fabric. (If using cotton, an additional layer of lightweight batting will be necessary for the center panel “A” and for each addition as the quilt is constructed.) You may choose different fabrics for each side of the quilt to make it truly reversible.  This is a great use for scraps!

  A:  8” x 25” (cut 2)
                                                               B:  3” x 25” (cut 4)
                                                               C:  8” x 25” (cut 4)
                                                               D1 & D2:  3” x 25” (cut 4)
                                                               D3 & D4:  3” x 33” (cut 4)
                                                               F:  4” x 30” (cut 4)
                                                               E:  4” x 40” (cut 4)
                                                               Binding: 3” x WOF (cut 4) or 1 pkg. satin blanket binding

Sewing Directions:

1.  Lay the two “A” fabric pieces on top of each other with wrong sides together (right sides out).  This is the center panel.  You will build the quilt from the center outward.  Take two “B” strips and sandwich the “A” panel between them.  Pin with right sides together (see diagram below) and sew a ¼” seam.  Open both seams and press so that the right sides of the fabric strips are facing out on both sides of the quilt (the wrong sides of both B1 strips will be touching).  This “quilt-as-you-go” method of piecing will prevent the layers from shifting so that additional quilting isn’t necessary and, in the end, make the quilt reversible.

2.  Repeat the pinning and sewing procedure as described in Step 1 with the two remaining “B” strips on the other long side of panel “A.” (see diagram below)  After sewing with a ¼” seam, open and press.

3.  Continue in the same manner with C1, C2, D1 and D2.  Open and press each addition before continuing onto the next set of strips.  When completed, the entire central portion of the quilt will be completed.

4.  Add the side strips D3 and D4, open and press before sewing strips F1 and F2.  Open and press.  Finally, sew side strips E1 and E2.  Open and press.

5.  Before binding edges, square up the quilt, making certain all edges are even and the corners are 90° right angles.

6.  Bind the edges of the quilt with the binding method of your choice.  Need more help?  There are many online websites that describe how to bind a quilt.  Visit this link for detailed instructions:

This pattern is provided for personal use or for charity purposes.
©2010, Kathryn Sheehan
The Silver Penny, LLC

Looking for another easy-to-sew quilt? Try the Super-Sized Nine Patch quilt.  It's perfect for charity groups because you can quickly cut three baby-size quilts with only a few strokes of your rotary cutter!  Visit to download the instructions.

Wild Animals Reversible Baby Quilt - Side 1
Reversible "Quilt-As-You-Go" Crib Quilt
Wild Animals Reversible Baby Quilt - Side 2
"Quilt-As-You-Go" Reversible Crib Quilt Pattern Layout
Click for a printable version of this project sheet.
Wild Animals Baby Quilt - Side 1
(Click to see a larger image.)
Wild Animals Baby Quilt - Side 2
(Click to see a larger image.)