A question we are often asked is: Do you sell play silks?  Unfortunately, the answer is no, but because of a very good reason.

At our house, and going back many generations in my family, the children have always played with "fluffs."

What are  fluffs?  Simply, they are soft, silky, colorful cloths to use for dress-up, making tents, sleeping with or can be the basis of anything you can imagine!  Play silks serve the same purpose, except our fluffs are a lot larger in size and cost a fraction of the silks and cloths being sold elsewhere.

Then why don't you sell them and where can I get one?

At our house, we make our fluffs from fabric purchased off the bolt at our local fabric store.  It's so simple, even a non-sewer can make one!

1.)  First, take your child and visit the fabric store.  Go around and touch all the beautiful fabrics, especially the satins and silks in the bridal or formal section.  After you've chosen your desired fabric, take the bolt to the "cutting table" to be measured.

2.)  Most apparel fabrics come in 45" or 52" widths.  Check to see how wide your fabric is and have the clerk cut at least the same length for a large square, or make it a little longer if you want a rectangle.

3.)  To finish the fluff, all you have to do is hem the two cut edges!  The two other factory edges are known as "selvage" and will not unravel, so they are already finished for you.

4.) To sew a hem, simply fold ¼", then fold again ¼" and sew a straight seam by hand or machine.  Do this to both cut edges.

5.)  The non-sewing method involves purchasing some fusible webbing tape.  This can be found in the "Notions" area, or as the clerk for assistance.  You will fold the cut edges as described above, except instead of sewing,  you will seal the edges with the fusible tape using an iron (this should be done by an adult).

That's it!  Your child will have a wonderful experience making the fluff of his or her choice at a price that is much less than purchasing smaller silk squares from a catalog.  Also, this is an excellent sewing project for a beginner.


copyright 2003, Kathryn Sheehan
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