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Storybook Quilt

Using the illustrated fabric from a “quiet” or fabric book kit, I’ve instead created a storybook quilt.  While a “quiet book” is usually only appealing to a baby or toddler, a storybook quilt continues to be enjoyed and used by a child for many years, and is especially enjoyed by a child that is learning to read.  It’s a quick and easy project suitable for all skill levels.
Materials Needed:

1 fabric “quiet” book kit or fabric panel
2” wide strips of two colors for frames of block*
2½” wide strips cut for sashing*
16 (or more) 2½” squares in two colors
Low-loft cotton batting (or one layer of white flannel can be substituted for a lighter quilt)
Backing fabric (I used a flannel print for a soft touch)
2½” to 3” wide strips for binding**

*The quantity & length of strips will be determined by number and size of fabric pages.

**See step #6 to learn more about binding a quilt to determine the width of fabric you will need.

Sewing Directions:

1.  Cut out pages from kit or fabric panel making certain to leave a ¼” border around each.  You will need an even number of pages, which can be laid out using 3 or 4 pages per row.  In my Snoopy Storybook quilt (see photo above), I used twelve pages and laid them 3 pages per row. (I did have one page left from the kit and used it to make a matching pillow, not pictured.)  Determine the sequence of the story and assign one page for each block in the Quilt Layout below (the blue center squares in the illustrations are pages of the story).  The story should read from left to right and from top to bottom.

2.  Using a ¼” seam, sew the framing strips around each page using the numbered Block Guide below.  In my Snoopy quilt, the frame colors of every other page have been reversed (see Quilt Layout) to create an interesting finished design.  You may do the same or sew them all alike, as desired.

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Click for a printable version of this project sheet.
This is an image showing the "quiet" book kit 
(printed fabric panel) used in the quilt above.
NOTE: This fabric panel is NO LONGER available from the manufacturer, but you can use this quilting pattern with any other "quiet book" fabric of your choice.
Storybook Quilt
Click to see a larger image.
Quilt Layout
Block Guide
3.  Row by row, sew the sashing strips vertically between the blocks using a ¼” seam allowance.  Then create the horizontal sashing strips incorporating the 2” squares, alternating between the two colors as seen in the Quilt Layout illustration, and sew with a ¼” seam.
4.  Sew the rows together until the quilt top is completed. Sandwich the low-loft batting (or flannel) between the quilt top and backing fabric.  Baste the layers using the method of your choice.  Stitch in the ditch between the sashing strips and around the page blocks to quilt the layers together.  Also, sew around elements in the page illustrations to further secure the layers together. 

5. Before binding edges, square up the quilt, making certain all edges are even and the corners are 90° right angles.

6.  Bind the edges of the quilt with the binding method of your choice.  Need more help?  There are many online websites that describe how to bind a quilt.  We recommend these printable instructions: .

This pattern is provided for personal use or for charity purposes.
©2011, Kathryn Sheehan
The Silver Penny, LLC