Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas
Your child is in bed with a shiny, baby tooth under the pillow -- now what?  Here are some quick and easy ideas to make a visit from the Tooth Fairy a special event!
Toothbrushing -- Fairy style!

Children love tiny things, plus the tooth fairy can only bring tiny things, so how about a new travel-sized toothbrush and a small tube of travel-sized toothpaste?
Sugar-free Candy and Gum

The tooth fairy wants your child's teeth to stay healthy, for obvious reasons.  We suggest sugar-free candy or gum that can help prevent tooth decay, instead of sugary sweets.
Tiny Dolls or Miniature Toys

The tooth fairy always left miniature figurines or tiny dolls at our house.  You might look in the dollhouse section of your local craft store for miniature furniture and other items.
Miniature Books and Stationary Items

If the tooth fairy brought a book, it would have to be quite small, of course.  The same goes for pencils, erasers, paint sets, etc.  Just think tiny!
Fairy Jewels

Especially for an older child, the Tooth Fairy might bring a beautiful Fairy ring, necklace or other type of jewelry!  You can easily make a Fairy Dust Necklace by placing fine glitter into a small vial.  Tie a ribbon around it and make a necklace!  You might look at your local import or craft store for tiny, fairy-sized glass vials. 
Natural Treasures

The Tooth Fairy, being basically an outdoor fairy, might bring treasures she's found out in nature: the perfect shell, polished or heart-shaped stones, beautiful feathers, translucent sea glass, etc.  My daughter has a collection of polished stones in a basket near a small, ceramic plate that she made.  When she's happy, she fills the plate with the beautiful stones!  When she's sad or upset, she returns some or all of them to the basket.  It's a gentle way of sharing her feelings with me, and often it gets us talking.  
Origami Folded Animals

An origami Peace Crane, folded bird or other figure can be a small, but special gift from the Tooth Fairy!  Children ages 7 and older might enjoy trying this appealing craft.  So, you might add some beautiful origami papers with printed instructions to accompany the gift.  Here is a website to get you started:  
Foreign Coins

It is well known that the Tooth Fairy travels far to collect her lost baby teeth.  So, it wouldn't be surprising if a foreign coin would end up in your child's Tooth Fairy Bag or under his pillow.  It's a fun way to begin a lifetime of coin collecting!

Tooth Fairy Pillow
Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow! 

Sew Terrific is a sewing website that offers excellent free projects that includes an adorable Tooth Fairy Pillow design.
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