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Grand Victorian Lady Doll 
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Grand Victorian Lady Pedestal Doll
A completed Grand Victorian Lady Pedestal Doll made from pattern.
While creating imaginary situations with her dolls, my daughter often craved an adult to be part of the play, as a result the Grand Victorian Lady Doll was born!  She's really quite a versatile doll, because she can be so many characters.  For example, she makes a wonderful Mother Earth, Mother, Grandmother Doll or Teacher.  As you can see in the picture below, she is just the right sized adult for most 8"-9" Waldorf-style dolls.

She is created on a weighted, wooden pedestal, which means she has no feet or legs that are visible.  The pedestal under her dress has been covered with a muslin "petticoat," to hide the mechanics.  This design allows her to stand very steadily on almost any surface.  

The finished doll is about 11" tall.  The pattern and instructions includes step-by-step instructions, color photos, excellent diagrams and full size patterns.  (Moderate skill required.)

Patterns & Instructions

Grand Victorian Lady Doll with 9" Waldorf Dolls
Here is a Grand Victorian Lady Doll as Mother Earth with a brood of Root Babies
photo of completed doll made from pattern
Here is a Grand Lady Doll in the role of Mother Earth in the book The Story of the Root Children.  
I'm sorry, but we are sold out of Root Baby dolls. 
You can create your own!  Directions & pattern can be found in The Nature Corner book.  Fill them with sand for added weight and flexibility.

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