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Premium Wool Batting

Once you begin using wool as a stuffing material, you won't want to go back to the polyester stuff.  This wool has been cleaned and carded and is a pleasure to use.  In dollmaking, it's the best stuffing available!  It warms to the touch and can be shaped.  It doesn't clump and packs nicely and firmly.  It's also excellent for stuffing toys, for making quilts and it can be felted.  It actually softens your hands as you work with it!  I love it and won't use anything else.

We no longer sell this item.
We recommend Weir Crafts in Ann Arbor, MI

Wool Batting
Doll & Toymaking Supplies:
Wool Yarn: 
(Note: Due to lack of interest, we no longer sell mohair yarn for doll hair. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  For small dolls, we offer wool roving for hair. Please click here to view our wool roving selection.)
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Wooden Doll Body Bases in two sizes
Click to see a larger, near life-size image.
Click to see examples of Dolls made with Wooden Doll Bodies.
Click to see several examples of dolls made with Wooden Doll bodies from Feltcraft book.
Wooden Doll Bodies

As described in Feltcraft by Petra Berger, these wooden doll bases make excellent little dolls for your Seasonal Nature Table or to live among your other fairy-folk!  With a little felt, glue and a few embellishments, you'll have a durable set that will last for years to come. (Click on the Mommy and Baby photo to see other examples from Feltcraft that utilize these wooden bodies. Click here to visit the page where Feltcraft book can be found.)  

We offer two sets: Two dolls that are 3-1/2" tall and a set of two 2" dolls.  (Felt and embellishments not included.)

Set of two 3-1/2" doll bases
$1.69 per set
Out of stock indefinitely.

Set of two 2" doll bases
$0.79 per set
​Only 4 left
Wooden Beads come in six sizes!
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Packages of Wooden Beads contain three different flesh tones.
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Wooden Beads in Flesh Tones

They are difficult to find, but we have them in every size and fleshtone color available!  These wooden beads are perfect for creating little dolls.  The smallest can be hands and feet, while the larger are the perfect sized heads.  These are the same beads we use for our Little People and our Easy Fairy Dolls and other small doll kits.  Since they are already stained and varnished in three colors, they can be used directly out of the package!  Or they can be easily covered with fabric, such as we do when creating our own Fairy Dolls.  Either way, they make your dollmaking quicker and easier!

Each package comes with approximately an equal number of each color: Very Fair, Brown and Tan.  The number of beads per package varies, depending on size chosen (see list with description below).

$1.59 per package
16mm is SOLD OUT

Bead Size
Wool Yarn
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Butterfly Wings Set of six wings
Tiny Butterfly-Style Fairy Wings

These tiny wings are 1” across, which are just the right size for tiny fairy dolls!  Cut off the antennae; glue them to the fairy’s back and she’s ready for flight!  They are sold by the set of six wings in six different colors with glitter dots.  Note: Due to small parts, these are recommended for use with children over age 3.

Retail Price is $2.99
Our price is $1.00 
per set of six!  

Click to see a larger image.
Fairy/Angel Doll Wings
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Bulky Yarn/Pencil Roving (sold in skeins)
Bulky Felting Yarn/Pencil Roving
100% wool, 100 g skeins (approx. 90 yards)
A Silver Penny exclusive!

This is the most ingenious product because it has multiple uses for felting.  This 100% wool bulky yarn is very loosely spun and, used directly from the package, is wonderful for needle or wet felting.  But untwist it slightly and it becomes pencil roving.  Twist just a little tighter and the yarn becomes thinner for more precise placement and crisp lines.  The uses of this product are varied – it is perfect for clothing embellishment, creating wool pictures, fashioning or outlining a needle felted motif, making felted jewelry, enhancing 3-D needle felted sculptures or use when only a small amount of color is needed.  Each skein weighs approximately 100 grams (about 90 yds.).  This product is available in eight beautiful, vibrant colors: White, Orange Poppy, Tundra Green, Bermuda Blue, Red Rose, Garnet, Peacock and Violet. (Each color sold separately)

$4.95 per skein
Quantities are limited.
Violet: SOLD OUT
Peacock: 1 left
Tundra: SOLD OUT
Bermuda: SOLD OUT
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with an example of its use.

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