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FAQ About the Shopping Cart & Online Ordering
Q: Is online shopping with The Silver Penny secure?
A: Yes, all information is encrypted, secure and hacker safe.  To read more about this, please visit the PayPal website at www.paypal.com.  Another way to verify that your transaction is taking place at a secure site is to verify that the address begins with "https."  That "s" means any information being transmitted is encrypted and secure.  Also, your information is only used to make your transaction.  Your name will not be sold to any other company or placed on any mailing list, prompting unwanted e-mail.  (If you would like to receive updates and special promotional give-aways from The Silver Penny, you must sign up separately to be on our mailing list or indicate in the "Special Instruction" box at check-out.)

Q:  I'm trying to check out with my credit card, but the PayPal shopping cart keeps rejecting my card number.  What should I do? 
A:  It's difficult for us to determine why your credit card is not being accepted and we understand your frustration!  Simple solutions may be:

1.)   You're keying in a different address than the billing address of your credit card (PayPal cannot verify your credit card and will reject it if the address you enter during the check out process doesn't match your card's billing address.)  We are happy to ship to a different address, just write it in the "Special Instructions" text box later in the check out process. 
2.)  You may be unaware that the credit card you're using is already registered with PayPal under a different name, such as a spouse.  It is a safety issue that PayPal can only accept one name and address per credit card number. 

In any case, a problem with a credit card is definitely a PayPal question and must be answered by them.  PayPal has excellent customer service and will be happy to walk you through the check out procedure.  Just call their toll-free number for assistance: 1-888-221-1161.

Q:  I've placed several items in the shopping cart and I don't see a shipping fee.  What I'm going to be charged?
A:  Unlike websites that offer "free" shipping by hiding these costs in the products, we choose to keep our prices very low and be more open about shipping costs.  We offer many of our own products, and other unique items not found on other websites, and want to keep the prices affordable and transparent to our customers.  If you want to have an order of books under 4 lbs. shipped Media Mail (which can take up to three weeks to be delivered), please indicate this in the "Special Instruction" box and you may save on shipping!  After your book order is sent Media Mail, you will be reimbursed any overcharge through your PayPal account, minus a $2.00 handling fee to pay for packing materials and fuel.  Here are the shipping fees that have been programmed into the shopping cart for US customers, based on your total.  International customers, see next question.

$ .01 - $24.99          $6.95
$25.00 - $49.99        $8.95
$50.00 - $74.99         $10.95
$75.00 - $124.99       $12.95
$125.00 and over       $14.95

Q:  I live outside the United States and would like to place an order.  Can I use the shopping cart?  
A:  Yes, we have programmed shipping fees for other countries into our shopping cart.  Although, if your order is extremely heavy (over 4 lbs.), additional postage may be required.  If that is necessary, we'll contact you by email with an invoice for the difference.  If you don't see your country listed during check out, please send us an email and we will add your country to our list and will write back to let you know it is okay to proceed.  DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER UNLESS YOUR COUNTRY IS LISTED.  To learn more, click here. NOTE:  International customers are required to pay actual shipping costs.  Payment for international orders are accepted through PayPal only. 

Q: Must I give my telephone number when placing an order?
A: It is optional to provide a telephone number, unless your order is heavy and being shipped UPS.  But if we encounter a problem while filling your order or have a question, it could delay the delivery of your package.  First, we will try to contact you via email.  If we don't hear from you within 24 hours, we would like the option to contact you by phone so we can process your order more quickly.  Note: We do not share your phone number or any personal information with other companies.

Q: While registering for PayPal, my password keeps being rejected.  How can I make it work?
A:  Your password must have eight characters.  Unfortunately, during the sign up process, this vital information isn't prominently displayed, making the sign up process frustrating for many.  I even had trouble when I registered the first time!

Q:  Can I call in my order and pay by credit card?
A: No.  We do not accept credit card orders over the phone.  If you'd like to place your order over the phone and follow up with a check or Money Order, that's okay.  But your order will not be shipped until your check has been received and the funds clears the bank.  This process requires approximately a week, once your check has been received, so only use this option if you have plenty of time to wait for your shipment.

Q:  I'm ordering an item in which I have a choice of color.  How do I indicate this?  I don't see a place to mark my preference.
A:  Write any color choice or personal preferences in the "Special Instruction" box that is available at check out.  Or, if you prefer, send an e-mail.  Either way, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us usually within 24 hours reviewing your order before it is sent, so you can make any changes and verify we've got it right.

Q:  When I place my order, I will be using my debit card.  When will my order be shipped?
A:  When you use a debit card, it is as if you sent us a check.  We will hold your order and ship it as soon as we have received notification that the funds have cleared your bank, which usually takes 3-4 business days.  We're sorry if it causes any inconvenience, but we will not make any exceptions and ship before your payment has cleared into our PayPal account. To learn more about the procedure when you use a debit card, please click here: Debit Card Payments.

If you have any other questions, 
please call 207-799-2447 (in US only) 
between 10am - 8pm Eastern Time, Tuesday through Saturday.*
Mondays from Noon-8pm* (Closed Sundays & holidays)
International customers, please send an e-mail.

*We are a homebased business, so we appreciate if you would call only during our posted business hours.  If you get our answering machine, please leave a message with your phone number and we'll call back as soon as possible.
Thank you!

We'll be happy to answer any ordering questions 
or discuss any order placed through our online shopping cart.

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