Miniature Waldorf Bunting Doll
Miniature Waldorf-style Bunting Doll

Assembly Instructions

1.)  Fold cotton fabric in half, like a book, with right sides together.  Place the pattern on the fabric and trace around the cutting line.  Mark the two dots on the back side of the body only.  With a sewing machine or using a backstitch, sewing on the sewing line.  (see figure 1)  Turn to the right side and press.

2.)  Next, make the head by taking some wool stuffing and forming it into a tight ball about 5 centimeters in diameter.  (To do this, tear off a thin strip of wool and, starting at one end, fold it onto itself and start rolling.  Wrap the wool tightly around the growing ball until it’s the size you want.)  Place the ball of wool into the middle of the skin fabric, draw the fabric around the ball and tie off with sturdy craft thread or a triple thickness of regular thread.  (see figure 2)  Set the finished head aside for now.

3.)  To make the felt hat, use the pattern provided to cut out the hat.  Fold the hat into a triangular cone and sew up one side (use the sewing line printed on the pattern as a guide).  (see figure 3)  Trim the seam allowance and turn right side out.  If necessary, use the point of a pencil or chop stick to push out the point.  Set the hat aside.

4.)  Now it’s time to stuff the body with some wool.  Fill it lightly almost to the top of the body sack.  Don’t overstuff it!  You want it to be full, but still soft and squishy.  With your fingers, make a little depression in the wool so that your neck will fit inside.  But before you put the head in, fold the top raw edges of the fabric to the inside (about 1/4”).  Stick in the head and, using a small whip stitch, close up the upper edge.  When you get to the neck, securely attach it to the body.  You might have to have an adult help you because you need to push the needle and thread through the neck several times. 
(see figure 4)

5.)  Using four strands of embroidery thread, make one small stitch for each eye and the mouth.  Put your knots at the back of the head, they will be hidden by the hat later.

6.)  Sew a running stitch from one dot on the back, around the front of the body, then around to the back and end at the second dot.  Before you knot off, gather the waist by gently pulling on the thread.  This will create the waist and arms of your little doll.  (see figures 4 and 5)

7.)  Glue the four strands of yarn to the top of the head, allowing them to come down over the front of the face level with the eyes for bangs (or fringe).  Lastly, glue the hat securely to the top of the head, covering your knots and excess yarn.  Allow to dry.

Your doll is finished! 
Now it’s time to play!

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Materials Needed:

cotton fabric, cut into 5” x 3” rectangle
knit skin-tone fabric, cut into 2” square
embroidery thread for eyes and mouth
felt for hat, cut into 4” x 3” rectangle
thread to match fabric
wool stuffing (polyester stuffing works well, too)
mohair yarn, cut into four 1-1/2” lengths
sturdy craft or buttonhole thread

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