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Wool Roving is a fiber artist’s “chocolate!”  This long-stapled, rope of 100% pure, luscious, soft merino wool roving is what makes traditional wet and dry needle felting such a sensory, pleasurable craft!  The colors in our collection are yummy and the uses are many, such as for doll hair, color blending and adding highlights to wet or dry felted creations, embellishing handmade fiber art, creating “Magic Wool” pictures, spinning custom yarns, and for use as an embellishment in weaving or sewing.  (Do you have a felting machine, such as the Embellisher by Baby Lock or the SWN Fab Felter?  Then you will have a ball playing & inventing with this roving!)
100% Merino Wool Roving

We offer each color in individual packages of approximately 12 grams 
(or you may increase quantity in shopping cart if you desire a larger amount).
NOTE:  Measurement of 20” length is guaranteed, weight is approximate.

Our price per approximate 12 grams is $1.00 (any color)
and measures 20" long and about 1¼” thick.
Economical assortment packs and other rovings available below.
Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Admiral Blue Wool Roving
Admiral Blue
Lapis (Teal) Wool Roving
Lapis (Teal)
Midnight Blue Wool Roving
Midnight Blue
Navy Wool Roving
Wool Roving
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Loden Green Wool Roving
Loden Green
Thistle Wool Roving
Wool Roving Assortment Packs

About 2.8 ounces in each assortment pack in many colors not available above!  Each pack sold separately, $5.50 each.

Assortment A: SOLD OUT

Assortment B: Lime Green, Teal Blue, Orange, and Purple Plum

Assortment C: Blue, Red, Pink and White. Only 1 left!
Click to see a larger image.
Choose Assortment
Other Roving & Assortments:
Violet Wool Roving
Click to see a larger image.
Violet Wool Roving

100% natural wool roving. Perfect for traditional wet felting, needle felting or 3-D applique. Net weight: 20 grams (0.7 oz) or approximately 36 inches.


Orange Wool Roving
Click to see a larger image.
Orange Wool Roving

This bright orange 100% natural wool roving is perfect for traditional wet felting, needle felting or 3-D applique. Net weight: 20 grams (0.7 oz) or approximately 36 inches.


Bulky Yarn/Pencil Roving (sold in skeins)
Bulky Felting Yarn/Pencil Roving
100% wool, 100 g skeins (approx. 90 yards)
A Silver Penny exclusive!

This is the most ingenious product because it has multiple uses for felting.  This 100% wool bulky yarn is very loosely spun and, used directly from the package, is wonderful for needle or wet felting.  But untwist it slightly and it becomes pencil roving.  Twist just a little tighter and the yarn becomes thinner for more precise placement and crisp lines.  The uses of this product are varied – it is perfect for clothing embellishment, creating wool pictures, fashioning or outlining a needle felted motif, making felted jewelry, enhancing 3-D needle felted sculptures or use when only a small amount of color is needed.  Each skein weighs approximately 100 grams (about 90 yds.).  This product is available in eight beautiful, vibrant colors: White, Orange Poppy, Tundra Green, Bermuda Blue, Red Rose, Garnet, Peacock and Violet. (Each color sold separately)

$4.95 per skein
Quantities are limited.
Violet: SOLD OUT
Peacock: 1 left
Tundra: SOLD OUT
Bermuda: SOLD OUT
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with an example of its use.

Color Choice
Only 1 left!
Only 1 left!